Calumet Heritage Partnership

Identifying, protecting, and preserving the natural, cultural, and recreational heritage of  the Calumet region of Illinois and Indiana
About CHP The Calumet Heritage Partnership is a diverse, bi-state partnership of environmental, cultural and historical organizations and individuals, libraries, educational institutions, municipalities, and governmental agencies.  Each partner is committed to celebrating, preserving and protecting the unique heritage of the Calumet region.


To identify, preserve, protect and reclaim the natural, historical, cultural and recreational heritage of the Calumet region of Illinois and Indiana for the purposes of educating and inspiring the public, restoring regional pride, and revitalizing our communities and their interconnectedness.

Remains of  ACME Steel



A Calumet Heritage Area Revisited
2012 Conference Resources

The the 13th Annual Calumet Heritage Conference, "A Calumet Heritage Area--Revisited," was held on October 20, 2012 at the Indiana Dunes Visitors Center.  This year’s conference theme was “A Calumet Heritage Area—Revisited.” Experts on Heritage Areas from both inside and outside the region addressed the opportunities and challenges presented by Heritage Areas, and whether the time is right for the bi-state Calumet region to seriously consider such a designation.

View pdfs of selected presentations, photos, and links to the organizations represented by participants below: 

Welcome: A Calumet Heritage Area Revisited [PDF] by Mark Bouman, President Calumet Heritage Partnership
  Heritage Areas: Retrospect and Prospect by Jerry Adelmann, President and CEO, Openlands  
Industrial Heritage Retooled [PDF] by August Carlino, President and CEO, Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area
Heritage Perspectives [PDF] by Nancy I.M. Morgan, Principal, Point Heritage Development Consulting, Canalway Coalition
Northwest Indiana Steel Heritage Project [PDF] by Bob Meyer, Northwest Indiana Steel Heritage Project
  Ana Koval, President and CEO, Canal Corridor Association, I&M Canal National Heritage Area  
Attendees browse exhbits  During a break conference attendees view exhibits  
  Tourism : Lorelei Weimer, Indiana Dunes Tourism, Beyond the Beach Trail  
  Structures and Landscapes [PDF] by Patrick Steffes, Forgotten Chicago  
  Plans: John Rogner, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Millennium Reserve  
  The Marquette Plan: Indiana's Lakeshore Reinvestment Strategy [PDF]John Swanson, Executive Director Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission, Marquette Plan  
  Paths: Gregg Calpino, SEH, and Steve Buchtel, Trails for Illinois, Calumet–Sag Trail  
  Lynn McClure, National Parks Conservation Association  
  Tour: Cynthia Ogorek, Historian and author of the new book Along the Chicago South Shore & South Bend Rail Line, narrates a tour of the Calumet Region from a dedicated South Shore rail car.  

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