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Photos of the move of the small bell and ingot mould pattern

For more information on the move see the October 3, 2007 press release. Click on the thumbnails for full-sized photos.

Retrieving the ingot foundry mold from the yard at Indiana Harbor.
Tipping the mold prior to loading, and loading prior to transport to the Pullman State Historic Site
Attempts to load a foundry ingot unsuccessful too heavy! Possible ingots for CHP to consider located at Burns Harbor.
Arrival and unloading at Pullman State Historic Site.
Mold at rest and next to the ACME blast furnace "A" small bell at the Pullman State Historic Site factory site.

Thanks to photographers Kevin A. Heggi, NorthWest Indiana Railroad
Preservation Society,; Dr. Raymond L. Boothe, Calumet
Industrial Heritage Project volunteer; and Kate Corcoran, Calumet Heritage
Partnership and Pullman State Historic Site volunteer.

Special thanks for the finding, the donation, arrangements, transport, and
storage go to

Robin Malone of ArcelorMittal Steel;
Kevin Heggi, Robert Meyer, and Dr. Ray Boothe;
Matt from Joes Towing, Chesterton, IN, owner Joe Wagner;
Lorain Bell, L.A. Bell Motor Lines Inc., Chesterton, IN; and
Mike Wagenbach, Site Superintendent, Pullman State Historic Site


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