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Provide a Letter of Support for the Calumet National Heritage Area

As of July 2017 a total of 77 organizations, business entities, governmental officials, and subject matter experts submitted letters in support of the Calumet region’s national significance and its designation as a National Heritage Area. Find out how to add your letter to theirs below!

A Request for Support (the letter below in pdf format)

Letter of Support Template

List of Letters Received July 2017 (PDF)


Calumet National Heritage Area Initiative

April 14, 2017

Dear Friend of the Calumet National Heritage Area Initiative:

These are exciting times in the Calumet region. A new Pullman National Monument and a fresh effort to designate the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore as a National Park frame an area we all know to be a national crossroads for industry, people, transportation, and nature. Many agree: the Calumet region’s nationally significant story can and should be told to the rest of the country.

A Calumet National Heritage Area is an excellent way to do just that. 49 National Heritage Areas around the country, working at the grassroots level, coordinate efforts of citizens to share significant stories about their regions with the rest of America.

A diverse group of stakeholders from across the Illinois/Indiana region, coordinated by the Calumet Heritage Partnership, have been preparing the case that the Calumet National Heritage Area is ready for prime time. The case is in the form of a feasibility study that has gone through an extensive period of public comment and is prepared for submission to the National Park Service. That study asks and answers important questions posed by the Park Service, including “is there a nationally significant story” and “is a heritage area operationally feasible?” The study, materials about heritage areas, and tools for communicating the Calumet regional initiative to your constituents, can be found at

The time has now come to answer another question: do organizations and local entities support the national heritage area? The National Park Service will recommend and Congress will ultimately designate a Calumet National Heritage Area based on the support expressed by the community and partners.

This is where you come in! We are asking for letters of support. It would be persuasive to have a set of letters as strong as steel, as high as a dune, and from as many diverse voices as this national crossroads sustains. The letters should express support for the Calumet National Heritage Area, state what it could mean for your organization and your work, and potentially speak to what you might want to contribute to the area. If a board resolution is more appropriate for your organization, feel free to submit that with or without a cover letter.

You will find guidelines for preparation on the attached sample letter. In addition, we ask that you:

  • Write it on your organization’s letterhead.
  • Have the appropriate official sign the letter.
  • Scan the signed letter and submit to . If you’d rather mail it, send to Madeleine Tudor, The Field Museum, 1400 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60605.

On the letter you are now reading, you will see the names of a number of organizations that already support the Calumet National Heritage Area. The work of this project has been led by Mark Bouman of The Field Museum and coordinated by the Calumet Heritage Partnership. As part of the process, a new entity called the Calumet Collaborative will lend support and capacity to the blossoming National Heritage Area. Representatives of all three groups sign below.

Questions? Send to

Mark Bouman, Chicago Region Program Director, The Field Museum
Michael Longan, President, Calumet Heritage Partnership
William Steers, Chair, Calumet Collaborative