About the Calumet Heritage Partnership

The Calumet Heritage Partnership is a diverse bi-state partnership of environmental organizations, historical societies, arts organizations, libraries, educational institutions, government agencies, businesses, and individuals working together across political and cultural boundaries in the Calumet Region of Illinois and Indiana.


The mission of the Calumet Heritage Partnership is to enrich lives through stewardship and interpretation of the Calumet Region’s Heritage.


The Calumet Heritage Partnership pursues its mission so that the Calumet Region will:

  • be designated by the U.S. Congress as a National Heritage Area
  • host a rich variety of historic sites, parks, museums, galleries, and recreational amenities
  • have a global reputation as an ideal place to live, work, and visit
  • be a place of economic opportunity that attracts and retains sustainable economic development and a talented workforce.
  • be home to people who understand, value, and take pride in the region’s diverse natural, cultural, and recreational heritage.
  • be a welcoming region for all people.

The Calumet Heritage Partnership was founded in 1998 as a bi-state all-volunteer, non-profit organization with the goal of pursuing the creation of a Calumet National Heritage Area.  It held the first annual Calumet Heritage Conference in 1999 at Calumet College of St. Joseph.