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Join us for the 22nd Annual Calumet Heritage Conference, October 12-16, 2021. We will spend the week exploring placemaking in the Calumet Region.
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Join us for the 22nd Annual Calumet Heritage Conference! Together, we’ll explore the theme of Placemaking (and related PlaceKeeping, PlaceTaking, and PlaceSharing) in the Calumet Region. How historically have people made the region home and defined their place in it? How do current residents, groups, and organizations seek to redefine spaces where we live, work, and play? Presentations, workshops, and satellite activities will structure our conversation about placemaking both in the Calumet Region and beyond.

This four-day event will begin on Tuesday, October 12th and run through Saturday, October 16th. Sessions will be held virtually on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, ending with a self-guided tour planned for Saturday. There will be no sessions on Friday, October 15th. 

All sessions will be held virtually, except for Saturday’s self-guided tour. Registrants will receive a Zoom link prior to the session. 

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Day One: 7pm: Welcome
                      7:30pm: Session 1, Regional Architecture Panel
Day Two: 6pm: Welcome
                      6:30pm: Session 2, Public History Panel
                      7:30pm: Session 3, Arts and Cultural Panel
Day Three:
                      5pm: Welcome
                      5:30pm: Session 4, Keynote, Dr. Rolando Herts, Director of the Mississippi Delta National Heritage Area
                      6:30pm: Session 5, Organizing Green Community Panel 
                       7:30pm: Session 6, Pollinator Map Workshop
Day Four: Self-guided car tour of Gary


Introduction to Placemaking

October 16th Self-Guided Tour. We would like to thank the Decay Devils for putting together this amazing tour of Gary Landmarks.