The Calumet Voices/National Stories exhibit is currently open at the Field Museum!

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Journey through the Calumet landscape, shaped by generations of grit and passion, home to rare orchids and the steel mills that tower over them. Join the Calumet Voices, National Stories exhibit series and explore what makes this region an unexpected American treasure.

Visit the Calumet Voices, National Stories exhibit at each of its three sites in the region, and at the Field Museum. Presented by local museums, galleries, and history centers, each exhibit in the series will be a unique display of artifacts and interactive components showcasing the region’s unparalleled combination of natural, industrial, and cultural heritage.

Calumet: The Land of Opportunity
Calumet Voices, National Stories exhibit series

Opening January 31st

Field Museum Press Release: First-of-its-kind exhibition series highlights Calumet’s natural and cultural treasures

The Calumet Voices, National Stories exhibition series is a collaborative effort of the Calumet Curators, a group of the Calumet Heritage Partnership, and the Field Museum. The series showcases the rich cultural, industrial, and natural heritage of the Calumet region. The Calumet Heritage Partnership, Calumet Collaborative, and the Field Museum lead the effort to designate the Calumet region as a National Heritage Area.