What Are CHP Groups?

Calumet Heritage Partnership Groups, or just CHP Groups, exist to bring people with common interests together for networking and to plan and create events and programs related to the mission of the CHP and the Calumet National Heritage Area. Three groups have been formed.

Calumet Curators: A Network of Museums, Galleries, and Local History Organizations in the Calumet Region

The purpose of the Calumet Curators Group of CHP is to form a network of museums, galleries, and local history organizations, located throughout the bi-state Calumet region, that interpret the region’s natural, industrial, historical, and ethnic heritage. The goals of the network are to strengthen visibility for all organizations, illuminate and facilitate partnerships between and among organizations, and deepen thematic messaging and programming. The network is working to produce a Calumet Museums, Galleries and, Local History Guide and a traveling Calumet heritage exhibition. For more information contact [email protected]

More Information

Calumet Outdoors

Formerly The Calumet Stewardship Initiative of CHP (CSI/CHP)

CSI/CHP promotes a sustainable relationship between people and nature in the Calumet region of Northwest Indiana and Northeast Illinois. It seeks to facilitate networking among heritage interested organization, linking ecological organizations to each other and to organizations with social foci that are looking to connect to the ecological. It aims to support programs and collaborations that work to cultivate lifelong stewards and advocates for the protection of nature and quality of life in the region. For more information contact[email protected] or visit the CSI Facebook page or website.

Calumet Heritage Hackers

The purpose of the Calumet Heritage Hackers is to gather people who are interested in interpreting the cultural, natural, and recreational heritage of the Calumet Region for the public via exhibits, self-guided tours, quests, kiosks, and publications using a variety of media formats and technologies. The group will meet to network and share feedback on individual projects and collaborate to work on collective projects. Projects may include exhibits and pamphlet-based self-guided tours and guides, online or app-based self-guided tours and guides, online or hybrid exhibits, and virtual reality applications. For more information contact [email protected]

What Do CHP Groups Do?

CHP Groups vary in scope and ambition but primarily work to bring together people with a common heritage-related interest from across the region. Some groups focus on networking, providing occasions for people who might not otherwise have opportunities to meet to get to know each other and share ideas and expertise. Other groups focus on organizing events, tours, or programs that celebrate our region’s heritage and educate the public. Groups may create exhibits, guides, maps, articles, self-guided tours, websites, and other publications that help to interpret the region. They may work to preserve, restore, and enhance cultural, natural, and recreational heritage resources. CHP Groups regularly meet or hold events that will be of interest to the membership of the CHP and the public. In addition to their own activities, CHP Groups may be called upon to contribute to the partnership’s events, programs, and initiatives including the Calumet Heritage Conference and Calumet Summit among other possibilities. Groups are led by a Group Leader. A Board Liaison coordinates their activities with the CHP Board of Directors. Starting a group is meant to be easy. Any group of at least five CHP members may start a CHP Group by submitting a petition to the CHP Board of Directors. Policies governing CHP Groups can be found in the Calumet Heritage Partnership Groups Policy.

What Kinds of Groups Can Be Created?

CHP Groups should be organized around a common activity or a theme related to the mission of CHP or the themes or subthemes identified in the Calumet National Heritage Area Feasibility Study. Because CHP is a regional organization seeking to unite people across geographical borders, CHP Groups may not be organized based on formal sub-regional boundaries (i.e. Porter County, Blue Island, Indiana, Illinois, etc.). However, they may have a sub-regional geographic focus resulting from a thematic interest. The theme and resulting sub-region identified should cross significant regional boundaries or divides (for example Lakefront, Steel Heritage, Urban Heritage, Rural Heritage, Agricultural Heritage). This does not mean that your group cannot work on a project that has a limited geographic focus within the region.

How Can WE Establish a Calumet Heritage Partnership Group?

  1. Gather at least 5 members of CHP, one of whom must be a member of the CHP Board of Directors and who will serve as the group’s CHP Board Liaison. The initial members don’t have to be members of CHP until the petition for recognition is submitted.
  2. Hold an election to elect a candidate to recommend to the CHP President and Board of Directors for appointment as the Group Leader and identify a member of the CHP Board to serve as the group’s Board Liaison.  
  3. Complete the petition form on the next page and submit it to the President of CHP.
  4. The president will then present your petition and recommendation for Group Leader to the CHP Board of Directors for approval.
  5. If your group petition is accepted by the CHP President and Board of Directors, start working to identify, protect, preserve, and reclaim the heritage of the Calumet Region as an official CHP Group! Refer to the CHP Groups Policy for guidance.

Petition for Recognition of a CHP Group (docx format)