Network Calumet: 
A Heritage Resources Journey
Calumet Heritage Partnership’s 
14th Annual Calumet Heritage Conference
Saturday, October 26, 2013
in the Historic Clock Tower Factory Building
at the 
Pullman State Historic Site

A web of great and historic neighborhoods like Pullman drapes the region. These places have great stories told by people and the landscapes they have made, stories enlivened and informed by the region’s archives, libraries and local history centers. Stitched together, these local resources shine light on a regional story of great national import. 

What the resources are and how they can come together in light of a Calumet Heritage Area — reintroduced to the region at last year’s conference and this spring’s Calumet Summit — will be the subject of this conference’s presentations, conversations and on-site explorations.

Registration Fee $30
Lunch, afternoon tours and membership are included in the registration fee.
Reduced student and senior rates are available.
Please register by October 16.
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Preliminary Program
8:30 a.m.
Registration | Networks Awakened | Coffee

9 a.m.


Mark Bouman, President, Calumet Heritage Partnership

“Calumet Archives: The Ties That Bind a Prodigal Pullmanite  to 
Family, Community and Region”

Arthur Pearson, Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation

Conversation One: Authors and Archives 

How do local archival resources help authors tell Calumet stories of national significance?


Christine Walley | Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Exit Zero: 

Family and Class in Postindustrial Chicago

Kenneth J. Schoon | Indiana University Northwest | Dreams of Duneland: 

A Pictoral History of the Indiana Dunes Region

Michael Innis-Jiménez | University of Alabama | Steel Barrio: 

The Great Mexican Migration to South Chicago

Glory-June Greiff | Public Historian| People, Parks and Perceptions: 

A History and Appreciation of Indiana State Parks 

Facilitator: Jane Nicoll | Park Forest Historical Society | Park Forest 
House Museum | South Suburban Heritage Association
10:45 a.m.
Interactive Exhibits | Networks Revisited | Refreshments
Exhibits will be on display at this time and throughout the lunch break. If you are interested in bringing an exhibit for your organization, please contact Kelly Butler at (312) 665-7481 or[email protected] to ensure a space.Exhibits at the Calumet Heritage conference

Conversation Two: Nodes and Networks 

How can archives and other heritage resources connect people who care about 

the natural, historical, cultural and recreational assets of the region?


James Lane | Calumet Regional Archives, Indiana University Northwest | Steel Shavings

John Beckman | CatalystEco Consulting Group | Pragmatic Conservation

Tiffany Tolbert | Indiana Landmarks | Preservation Day Camps for Kids

Diane Banta | Rivers, Trails & Conservation, National Park Service | Heritage on the Ground 

Facilitator: Stephen McShane | Calumet Regional Archives, Indiana University Northwest

 Conversation Three: Calumet’s Networked Journey Ahead

What might our Calumet Heritage network look like?


A conversation between the Conference Audience and Mark Bouman 

of the Calumet Heritage Partnership.  

Facilitator: Gregg Hertzlieb | Brauer Museum, Valparaiso University
Closing Remarks
Mark Bouman President, Calumet Heritage Partnership
1 p.m. 
Regional Lunch Fare | Networks Savored

2:15 p.m.

Walking Workshops: Archives, Networks and Heritage Revealed

 Pullman and the Calumet Heritage Partnership will serve as case studies for our afternoon 
 exploration of the practical life of resource archives, networks and heritage. Journey along a three segment circuit where you will meet and learn from local experts who work with the archives, built environment and other local resources to enrich and strengthen regional connections. The tour segments are expected to be completed around 4:30 p.m.

Segment One: The Care, Feeding and Maintenance of Archives 

A tour of the Calumet Industrial Heritage Archives in the Pullman Factory 

and Administration Building


Segment Two: Community and Built Environment 

A walk through the Town of Pullman in search of archived meanings 

and knowledge networks


Segment Three:  Heritage Connections: Resources that Put Us on the Map

A look at the local networks and resources that turned “Pullman” into a household name.

Notes for the Day
Attendees should dress appropriately for the weather, wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for some Pullman dust, as the site is still undergoing restoration.  The afternoon walking tours will go on rain or shine.
If you have any special dietary or physical needs, please contact Kelly Butler at 
Parking is available on site. Please enter through the gates just north of 
111th Street on Cottage Grove at 11057 S. Cottage Grove.
Sponsored by:
 The Calumet Heritage Partnership,   
Pullman State Historic Site
 The Field Museum