Calumet Heritage Partnership Receives a Grant to Document the Underground Railroad Through Northwest Indiana

Indiana Landmarks recently announced it would provide a $5,000 grant to the Calumet Heritage Partnership (CHP) through their Black Heritage Preservation Project, to help fund CHP’s and the Little Calumet River Underground Railroad Project’s joint venture in identifying and documenting the Underground Railroad trail through Northwest Indiana.
Through research and community engagement, the Underground Railroad Project seeks to describe two major streams of movement used by freedom seekers through the region, and to identify significant sites along these routes that are connected to their journeys – eventually listing them on the National Parks Service’s (NPS) National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom. Among other objectives, they’ll also recommend sites for historic markers, interpretive materials, potential exhibits, and develop connections beyond Northwest Indiana as part of a larger Chicago to Detroit Freedom Trail. You can learn more about this project’s ambitions at
The effort is a continuation of the Underground Railroad Project’s work in Illinois, where several years ago they identified the Jan and Aagje Ton Farm site as a stop along the Underground Railroad’s trail in what is now a part of Chicago’s far South Side. Thanks to funding from the NPS, a marker now notes the significance of the site, and the NPS lists it on the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom.
Gary Johnson, CHP’s board president, applauds the efforts of his fellow board member – the Little Calumet River Underground Railroad Project’s Tom Shepherd – and his colleague, retired professor Larry McClellan: “Of all the stories of perseverance that exist in the Calumet Heritage Area, none are more significant than those that help us understand the risks people took to flee slavery, and of the people who helped them on that difficult journey. This is critical work that Tom and Larry have taken on, and what they’ve achieved so far speaks to their own perseverance, and their dedication to unearthing and interpreting an important part of our history.”
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